The Train to Sarria

One last museum for the group to hit but I was still getting over jet lag and begged off. We had a train to catch that nigh and I really didn’t think that sleeping on the train was going to be that comfortable. Turned out that I was right. The bed was too small and the mattress was sloped outwards and I kept sliding out as the train moved. But, my experience was incidental. Geoff, who is an artist and who had joined us after a painting excursion to Morocco, had his iPhone stolen in the Madrid subway. The double-whammy was that all of his reference pictures for his unfinished paintings were on the iPhone. He spent over an hour with the police at the train station filling out a report, but the phone was gone and the chances of getting it back were zero to none. We all consoled him over dinner as best we could, but the excitement of the camino ahead of us kept bubbling up and his mood did lightened a bit as the time went on. Then it was back to the train station to board our 10:30 train to Sarria.

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