3.5 yrs later

Where to begin… We did the Irish Wedding trip, It was amazing. Photos can be found here. For 2019 we did the long stretch in PR in Feb/March. Photos can be found here. During the summer we decided it was finally time to move to PR and we’d do it in December. I decided I’d take that opportunity to go to Oregon one last time, and so in August/Sept I did 3 weeks in there, 2 weeks vacation wrapped around a working week, photos. We spent the next few months getting ready for the move, getting the cat’s paperwork, booking flights and planning the trip.

December 9th was my flight day, with Robert, Kati and the cats arriving on the 11th. Gave me a day to get cat and people supplies before they arrive. Dec 2nd I had a huge IT disaster happen that suddenly had me working 16 hr days during a time I was going to finish packing and getting rid of stuff to other people and the garbage. December sucked for me.

Jan 2020 as work was finally starting to settle down a hair, The earthquake hits and kills power and internet for over a day. At the end of Feb some family came to visit and Robert decided to go back north, to get his lower back worked on, as the family. By March, work had calmed down to semi-normal so I chose to do a road trip around the island and photograph a bunch of it. On the 2nd day of the road-trip I had an incident where I thought I was going to be mugged and then after spending 5 hrs. driving to my next destination and the booking falling through I headed home for a depressing staycation ending. Then the Covid Lock Down happened.

Kati and I were in PR and Robert was up in NJ for the first 6 months of the pandemic. I stressed out because I was still not fully setup to work from home if there were to be power/electricity/internet outages and I couldnt go anywhere to get what I needed. Robert killed time by shopping for a boat. After 6 months things had calmed down a bit and I flew up to help Robert close on the boat and get it ready to come down to PR. A couple of weeks or months, turned into a year as he and I bounced back and forth from the boat in Wilmington NC to the house in NJ several times. Covid and all it entailed is not making this fast or easy.

2022, It’s now early Feb and we’ve been back in PR since November. We got some much needed new furniture and restocked on supplies and repairs and are continuing to flush out the condo with niceties.

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