Mom’s first trip to PR

We’re heading back down in April. This time we’re bringing my Mother and her husband Mike. Mom’s never been off the continent, let alone any place tropical. Can’t wait to show her what the island has to offer and see her face when she gets in warm ocean water for the first time. The hard part is coming up with an itinerary that sees enough of the island without exhausting everyone. I know, such first world problems, sigh. Continue reading “Mom’s first trip to PR”

Buying a dishwasher

<warning, very long post, grab a glass of wine and settle in>

As we’ve mentioned before, buying a dishwasher in Puerto Rico is not something you can run to a store and walk out with. Puerto Ricans, as a general rule, do not use dishwashers. To buy a dishwasher you need to order them and the turn around is about 4 weeks.

Also, you can’t order things from most major retailers online either. You have to go to the store to place the order. Sadly this rule applies, at least for Home Depot (HD), to AK, HI, GU, USVI, and PR. I don’t know why this is, but I’m stuck with it. Continue reading “Buying a dishwasher”