Mom’s first trip to PR

We’re heading back down in April. This time we’re bringing my Mother and her husband Mike. Mom’s never been off the continent, let alone any place tropical. Can’t wait to show her what the island has to offer and see her face when she gets in warm ocean water for the first time. The hard part is coming up with an itinerary that sees enough of the island without exhausting everyone. I know, such first world problems, sigh.

Due to some miscommunications with the dealer, we weren’t able to register Babe in December so last week we decided Robert should go down a day early to remedy that, giving us legal transportation as soon as we arrived instead of risking it for 2 days. We just found out that much of what he was going to have to do for that has already been done and our friends at Thuncles were super helpful and picked up the required paperwork. Robert should now have plenty of time to finish the process and then go grocery shopping for the week before we arrive giving us all more time to enjoy the island.

Of course it wouldn’t be a trip to PR if we weren’t also gypsy’ing down a bunch of things in our luggage. Last time the luggage and carry-on were filled with audio equipment and a coffee maker. This time it’s mostly kitchen equipment that we’ve replaced here in NJ and would like to have in PR, like a panini press and an icecream maker. I think we’re getting to an equilibrium by now because we’re finding it difficult to think of things to bring down that we dont also need here.

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