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Not finished, but you can get a sense of scale. Unfortunately this view doesn't shown the spaciousness.
Not finished, but you can get a sense of scale. Unfortunately this view doesn’t shown the spaciousness.

I thought that I might share some of the other photos that I took around the condo. Here is the living room with some of the new furniture from Ikea. We like the scale and it fits the room perfectly. The TV is a 50″ with a sound bar and a subwoofer and is hooked up to a media laptop, which is perfect for streaming from the internet. We decided that rather than a cable package, internet access was much more important since we have a Slingbox and everything from our rather extensive DirectTV service (plus everything that we record) is available. Also, we have a very extensive movie collection on our server and with internet access it’s all available.

The master bedroom now has a very comfy king-sized bed from Ikea. I really hate most of the beds that we have found in our apartment rentals. They generally fall between just OK to really miserable wooden pallets. If you are going to rent a place, at least make your guests comfortable. What’s interesting is that the bed hardly seems to be a king, the room is so big. The master bedroom could easily be 1/3rd smaller and you would not feel cramped at all. The question now is how to fill it. The walk-in closet has shelves and racks, with more than enough room for clothes. It even has room for a chest of drawers, if needed. We still want to paint the room and add the a/c Master bedroom furnitureunit under the window. That will be for the fall trip.

I took this picture from our front terrace to show the finished paint job on the building opposite us. It really came out well. To date they have painted two of the buildings and have started on the third one, which is in our Ensueno section.

Painting complete.
Painting complete.

The office told us that the next building to be painted will be ours, but we’ll see. For now I am just as happy looking at a finished building rather than living in one.

Plantain trees right outside our wall.
Plantain trees right outside our wall.

I also took a picture of the back of our building. Since we were here in November, one of our neighbors has started a plantain plantation right behind our wall! It really looks great from the back yard. We see them out there every day tending to it. One of the things that we learned at the closing is that the builder went bankrupt, which is how the bank wound up with these units. The area above us was supposed to be developed as another phase with high end town homes and apartments. The street is there along with the drainage system although it is overgrown and a bit in disrepair. I walked to the top and there are great views over this side of the island.

The view from the hill top looking towards the sea
The view from the hill top looking towards the sea

I asked at the office if there would be future development but apparently no plans are in the works. So for now we get the view of the hill and the plantain trees and with a walk to the top of the hill, a great vista to be enjoyed.

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  1. Hello and belated welcome to Puerto Rico. My husband and I have been here for awhile but we will be moving into more permanent digs in the next couple of months. I noticed you got a bed from Ikea and since that is our next big purchase I thought I would ask you if there is a location here that lets you test them out. I have been to the one in Bayamon and it did not appear to be set up that way. I look forward to reading your blog, thanks for adding it to the expat community. Hope you guys get settled in smoothly, moving can be so stressful.

    1. Wow, you’re the first legitimate internet stranger to have commented on our blog! Congratulations! And thank you for your welcome!

      We did all of our shopping at the Bayamon location because we didn’t know there was a Carolina location. That would have saved us a lot of driving time. They had 2 or 3 beds setup that you could lie down on and each had a different type of mattress on it so we could tell how firm/soft it was ahead of time. Keep in mind they get softer after a few months usage. Our condo is a first floor walk up, so delivery was a challenge but they were able to lift it up to us on the front balcony and we could flip it over the rail. King size mattress’s are heavy. The flat $75 delivery fee made it a no-brainer though for the amount of furniture we purchased.

      As I’m sure you’re aware, giving people your address and expecting them to find you turned out to be an exercise in frustration, particularly with the language barrier, but in the end we worked it out. We’re looking forward to our next visit and getting more furniture in.

      Your tumblr looks lovely and I look forward to perusing it more soon. Good luck with your bed shopping.

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