At last.

Wed, 4/30

Finally. We have closed on Monte Sol at last. It only took from our offer being accepted in November until the 30th of April to get to the closing table. The bank took forever to get it’s act together. To this day I still don’t know what took them so long. Closing was a bit of a zoo. I’ve closed  on properties several times, but never in another language. Fortunately our real estate agent, Sandy Ramos was at the table fighting for our cause. She certainly knows her stuff and was our best advocate! She insisted on them giving us copies of things that they normally wouldn’t, which would help us avoid future problems when we choose to sell. She is very passionate about her profession and it shows. We simply could not have had a better person at the table with us. Well, that is over. We are now the new owners of E 4-3.  Let the work begin! Continue reading “At last.”

Casa Anolis. Automated

First, we finally got a closing date. On Arpil 30th, Casa Anolis becomes ours. Casa Anolis translates as House of the Anolis. When we first walked into the back garden area I was struck by the number of Anoles (type of little lizard) all over the place. Fortunately I’m fond of them.

This little lizard gives our home its name
This little lizard gives our home its name

Second, home automation is not cheap, but it’ll give us peace of mind and some of it will pay us back within a year in energy savings. Within 5 years the energy savings will pay for all of it. The cost of electricity right now is $.25-.29/KWh on the island depending on where you live. More than double what most people in the states pay, so every little bit goes a long way. Continue reading “Casa Anolis. Automated”

A place in the sun

Montesol main gate

For years now I have been nattering on (for lack of a better term) about escaping the dreary northeast winters. We’ve tossed ideas around about my eventual retirement to someplace like Ecuador, St Croix, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, etc. You get the picture. They are all year-round warm climates with coastal cities.  So, it’s no surprise that during our recent trip to Puerto Rico a visit with a real estate agent was on the agenda. I’ve been looking on-line for some time now and several places caught my eye. Continue reading “A place in the sun”

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